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About Cindy Dyballa

  • Cindy is an enthusiastic long-term Takoma Park resident.  She moved here from the Boston area with her spouse Steve Nadel.
  • Cindy has served as city council member representing ward 2 for two terms (5 years), since 2017.
  • She's a proud parent of adult daughter Marcy, who attended local public schools (Rolling Terrace, TPMS, Kennedy) and now lives and votes in Fairbanks, AK.
  • Cindy's long record of engagement in local community affairs before city council includes efforts in environment and sustainability, community building and recreation issues, as well as stints on both the city recreation and environment committees.
  • A water resources professional with federal and state experience (U.S. EPA, Dept. of the Interior), and a master's in natural resources policy from Cornell University, Cindy has had her own consulting practice, Sligo Creek Resources, on water and energy issues. Her favorite job was with the Cooperative Extension Service, on community development issues.
  • Daughter of an immigrant blue collar worker and the first in her family to complete college, she was raised in a small town on then-rural eastern Long Island, New York state.
  • Cindy is passionate about hiking, dancing, the ocean, and making a difference.

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